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Attention: ALL CEO’s, Business Owners, Human Resource Personnel, and Benefits Coordinators…


How Would You Like to Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line, Improve Employee Morale, and Boost Productivity at “Low or No Cost” to Your Business? Seriously!


How much did your company lose last year?



The Facts


According to the Department of Labor, American employers lose over

$300 billion dollars of productivity annually

due to illness, sick days, absenteeism and sub-par performance.


According to the Wellness Council of America, more than

100 million workdays are lost each year

just to lower back pain.


According to the United Health Foundation (UHF) and American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Report,

the average business/company with 100 employees will statistically have:


  • 1 who uses cocaine
  • 5 who are being treated for diabetes
  • 10 who drink alcohol heavily
  • 10 who have high blood pressure
  • 10 who have diabetes
  • 25 who smoke cigarettes
  • 25 who have high cholesterol
  • 25 who have heart disease
  • 30 who are overweight by more than 20%
  • 50 who feel they are under moderate stress

So how does your staff compare?

Healthy Employees = Healthy Profits


Every company knows that in order to get the most out of your business, you MUST get the most out of your people.  In a nutshell, the healthier your employees are, the more work and better work they can do for you, and the better their quality of life will be. This is what companies and organizations call “corporate wellness.”


More Facts:
Companies with corporate fitness training programs experience an increase in employee productivity and morale while decreasing health care costs.



  • Steelcase Corporation saw medical claims 55 percent lower in employees participating in their corporate fitness program.
  • Dupont measured a 47.5 percent decrease in absenteeism among employees participating in their corporate fitness program.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield realized a $2.51 return for each dollar invested in their corporate wellness program.
  • Lincoln Plating Company decreased injuries at its work site more than 50 percent after implementing a wellness program.
  • Safety Supply decreased lost work days by 97 percent because of its wellness program.



Unlike the companies listed above, however, most so-called “wellness” programs don’t consist of “fitness training,” but merely health screenings, brochures, and monthly newsletters that employees don’t have time or aren’t willing to read.


Most programs choose to focus only on the awareness, identification, and treatment of chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.


While this is certainly beneficial to the employee, the main problem with this is these issues are ALREADY costing the company thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. Isn’t that what most companies are trying to avoid?

The REAL problem that is being completely overlooked is WHY employees have these conditions in the first place. And we know the answer. According to United Health Foundation,it is because most people lead a sedentary lifestyle.


The truth of the matter is, this sedentary lifestyle is crippling America’s workforce (not just  New York), and right now it may be crippling your company!


Because of that, we want to help you by getting your workforce up, moving, motivated, and educated, so we can help you focus on “prevention” instead of “treatment” which will potentially save your company hundreds of thousands in healthcare costs.

Finally! Health and Wellness Made Fun & Easy

The Estee Renee Corporate Wellness Program is your “one-stop” health and wellness partner, providing a comprehensive program for companies like yours who value the health and well-being of their employees.

And the great thing about our programs is you don’t have to come to us to get the benefits, because we deliver the program directly to you.



So now you will KNOW your employees are actually taking advantage of your wellness program, not just hoping they are.


Our program is geared towards helping your employees minimize their time away from work and personal commitments, maximize their health and fitness levels, all while having fun and increasing your bottom line.


With our “on-the-job” fitness program, everyone in your company wins: you, your employees, AND their families.

Here are just some of the benefits of our wellness program

Company Benefits




  • Reduce absenteeism and down time due to sick leave or injury
  • Increase employee productivity (more energy to do more, faster and longer)
  • Improve employee morale (healthier employee = happier employee)
  • Convenience and efficiency (we bring the program to your company or organization, saving you time and money)




  • Greater profits!
  • Lower health care cost (studies by the University of Michigan and Johnson & Johnson show that employers can save):
    • $1,100 a year for every employee who breaks their addictive smoking habit.
    • $269 a year for every employee who progresses from couch potato to fitness enthusiast.
    • $1,200 a year on employees who reduce their cholesterol levels from just 240 milligrams to 190 milligrams.
    • $177 a year for every employee who goes from obesity (more than 30 pounds overweight) to a healthy weight.
    • $6 in insurance costs for every dollar spent on a preventative health and wellness program
  • Improve teamwork and camaraderie (we will teach your employees how to PLAY together)
  • Reduce employee/staff turnover
  • Reduce employee conflict (because they will grow to respect each other more)
  • Improve employee loyalty (employees will know you care about them and support their well-being)

Employee Benefits


  • Increase energy levels
  • Have more fun AT work (not just when they get off)
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improve work performance




  • Improve quality of life:
    • lower blood pressure and cholesterol level
    • better immune system
    • feel stronger
    • look better
    • lose weight
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Reduce stress, physical and mental strain
  • Build better relationships with co-workers
  • Health & nutrition education that will benefit them AND their families

I’ve got you and your employees covered