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Estee leads clients through the confusion associated with all aspects of wellness, including fitness, nutrition and proper mind state.

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How Would You Like to Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line, Improve Employee Morale, and Boost Productivity at “Low or No Cost” to Your Business? Seriously!

Key components
To Ensure Life Long Success

It is imperative to have a sustainable plan for success in every facet of your life, Fitness and nutrition isn’t any different.

In order to stay at the top of your game in your career or keep up with your kids and have a better quality of life, you need energy.

You need to feel good and look good to continuously perform at peak levels. Here is how I help:


As your wellness mentor, I will enable you to set goals for yourself and inspire and motivate you to accomplish them.  We all could use a kick in the butt once in awhile to exceed our comfort zones,safely. I am here to give you a push when you require it, Which will guarantee you to get the most out of each one of our routines.

Competent Instruction

Not only will I show you precisely how to perform every exercise safely and correctly, I will also set aside the time to teach you on why we are utilizing specific activities and how they will enable you to exceeding your objectives. The ultimate goal is to accomplish results and keep them.

Nutritional Guidance

My programs will enable you to end all guesswork on what you need to eat, when you need to eat, and why you need to eat certain foods. I will help you discover why all of these fad diets are ineffective and what you should be doing instead to create permanent healthy nutritional habits.


Having an appointment with a professional is one method for ensuring you show up for your sessions, some of the time, simply getting to the gym is the hardest part! I do much more than simply ensure you appear for sessions, I set goals for you and hold you responsible for accomplishing them.

Effective and Fun Routines

Each workout is designed with your results in mind by one of Tribeca’s leading personal trainers. The sessions will be challenging, but at the same time I understand that if you don’t enjoy something you are less likely to stick with it, so I do my best to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for you.

Events + Workshops
Learn the secrets to empower your mind, your body and your soul at our upcoming events and workshops.  

Our bodies were designed to move in 3D space. Too many fitness programs have lost sight of this reality. The objective is to challenge your body, stimulate your mind, and inspire your spirit with  movements. I work to create a mobile and stable body that can perform fundamental movements to develop strength, power, and endurance, in a safe, balanced, and dynamic program. This allows my clients to be better at the movements they perform in their every day lives. Nutrition is 80% and I provide a myriad of systems that are sustainable and work with whatever your dietary preferences are, regardless of time constraints.

Whether you want to get stronger,more toned,have more energy or look great, I will customize a plan and help you get there.

what my clients
say about me

From the first moment I met Estee I immediately recognized that her approach to personal training really was personal.  She spent time to understand me, my goals, motivations and even my likes and dislikes in the gym and designed a program that would be effective for me.  Estee proactively checks in on me between sessions and seeks feedback from me during and after workouts so she can make any adjustments if needed.  She continuously tracks my progress so I have full insight into how I’m progressing and pushes me to accomplish things I didn’t know I could but she fully knows I can because she understands my capabilities.  I have complete trust in her and she ensures I learn and practice proper form to remain injury free.  I look forward to my workouts with Estee and truly enjoy the hour – both from working hard but even just our conversations.  I have seen major improvements in my overall strength, posture, body composition and my performance in my sport (running).  I highly recommend working with Estee to help you achieve your personal goals!


In my experience the key to my success with fitness  has been Estee’s whole body approach. She checks in every week and keeps me aware of nutrition, hydration, stress, diet, stretching and self treating injuries between sessions. Estee’s knowledge of the body has been key for me in working around injuries and preventing new problems. Fitness is not just about lifting weights!


I have worked with about 6 different trainers over the years in my quest toward uncovering the best version of myself.  Estee is among the best by a very large margin.  Her attention to detail is impeccable and her level of commitment to her clients’ unique needs is rare.  Estee’s ability to guide you toward your desired result is clear as my body begins to take shape in ways I never thought possible.  She truly cares about her clients and she is invested in helping them reach or exceed their goals.


I lost 40 pounds in 4 months training with Estee. One of the biggest reasons why shes an awesome trainer is because she’s very personable and an excellent motivator.


I have been training with Estee for almost a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience.  Estee creates individualized exercise programs for me that are challenging and each workout is always different.  She makes sure that over time the workouts increase in difficulty and adjusts my exercise program to match my fitness goals.  In addition to her health and fitness knowledge, I also consult with Estee on nutrition.  I absolutely recommend Estee – she will make sure you achieve your fitness goals!


Estee came highly recommended by a friend and I’ve been very pleased with my sessions and progress. She takes the time upfront to get to know you, your goals, fitness and injury history, which results in highly tailored sessions and plans.  She’s very good at switching gears on the fly if something isn’t working – if you are really struggling with one exercise or just flat out hate it, she’ll find another way to work that same muscle that is more your style.  She also provides a good mix of encouragement, tough love and humor to make the sessions more enjoyable. Since working with her I’ve lost 4 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle!

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